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What is “My Main App”?

“My Main App” is an online service owned and run by “Outreacher Network Ltd”. It makes it easy to create your own mobile website(s) without knowing any coding. Just publish your work on our website, and then it will be available for anyone to access through OUR app.
Now you can interact with your customers and do many more things like sending push messages as easy as 1,2,3.

Why is “My Main App” different from all the others?

Our product is simply outstanding because you can make use of it through a free account. Another aspect that sets it aside is that there is no need for an approval from Google or Apple to place your app in their app stores. Basically speaking our app can be used as your personal app. The app itself comes with a simplistic and minimalistic design so your app users won’t have to worry about using it. There are no complicated commands or structures that you will have to keep in mind. With a few taps, your app users will be able to access any of your products easy and hassle-free.

How does it work?

“My Main App” comes with two main functions:
1. An online editor,
2. and an app that is readily available to install on iPhones, iPads and Android devices.
You can use the online editor by logging into our website to create one or more web apps and mobile websites. You will give each app a name. On the other hand, once your users launch our app which is called “My Main App”, they will be asked about the name of your app. By entering a valid name, they will be taken to your newly created app.
Your online account on our website allows you to:

  • Create an app and a mobile site at the same time.
  • Have a preview of the app before publishing.
  • See the number of unique visitors of your app and mobile website.
  • Monetize the app and website through mobile ads.

What can you do with “My Main App”?

You can add the following functions to your app:
1. Feedback or Contact us forms.
2. Google maps.
3. News feed pages, also known as RSS.
4. Live audio and video broadcast.
5. Video library.
6. Audio podcasts.
7. Push messages that pop up on your users’ phones to draw their attentions.
8. Image gallery.
9. Links to external pages (e.g. Facebook, websites, discussion forum etc.) We also have ready-made templates to make the development process even easier for you. “My Main App” supports double byte characters, which means languages like Arabic, Hebrew, Russian and Chinese can be displayed correctly on screen. This will give you more freedom and more options when it comes to your target market. This is not all, because we keep on adding new features all the time.
Create the mobile website and app you always wanted today and let us show you how you can make it better than you ever imagined. Our main goal is to make the process easier for you by providing user-friendly interfaces and for you to have full control over the end result.



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